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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Terrible Sadness...

I just found out awhile ago that the adult daughter of a good friend and neighbor plus her husband, an Ohio State Trooper were found dead this afternoon in their home from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Talk about feeling pretty darn helpless right now...they are both in their late 80's and this is a real blow. They have an older son who lives in Minneapolis, MN and the daughter who just passed away today.

This only reinforces what I believe that you never know when your time is going to come. because of that I think it's really important to live each day and treat others as if it's your last day on earth....because it just may be.

God Bless You Mr and Mrs S.....


  1. My whole family ended up in the hospital when I was little because of carbon monoxide poisoning. We were all fine after a night and day of breathing in pure oxygen, but it was still scary knowing that we all could have died. There are detectors everywhere in my mom's house now.

    visions unto myself

  2. Kara-It is something you hear about on the news but you never expect it to happen to someone you know. It's just so tragically unexpected..Thank God you and your family were all right.

  3. yeah, they say make sure you get one of the detectors - just as vital as a smoke detector.

    crazy, sorry to hear man

  4. It's front page news in Dayton OH because he was a 25 yr vet of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Turns out they were running a generator in the garage,they went out into the garage and were overcome. Their power was out from the Blizzard...