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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Time to shut off the world for a couple of hours and sleep, sleep, sleep. I am ready...ready for a new day..the new dawn of a new life. I find I often am enthusiastic about little things in life where I didn't use to be in the past. That is an indication that life is improving.

I'm excited about tomorrow and what this new day will bring to my life. Perhaps nothing, no outward change. Perhaps EVERYTHING will just seem different, I haven't a clue really. I trust it will be what it's suppose to be no matter what I think or feel about it this evening.

I was never one to get into big, demonstrative acts in my this could be kind of interesting, couldn't it?! I would say a a baptism, held at an indoor pool for a bunch of people qualifies as kind of an attention grabber kind of an act, wouldn't you say?! Huh, yea! Just a little....Ach, well I asked for it...I mean literally ASKED for it so I suppose it is true that one should always be careful what they ask for...because you just might get it!

I don't feel nervous, I'm not even a touch antsy, I feel excitement more then anything else. I do, I'm really excited though I know nothing on the inside really will change...or will it.

Now for me, it's off to bed and my book...night, uh...all!

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