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Monday, February 28, 2011

Go Ahead, Just LAUGH

I had the video above linked to my FaceBook Page earlier this morning. There isn't much to it. It seems that the father of the child (they say it's an 8 month old little boy) who is just off camera, just got a rejection letter from a job interview. The baby is playing with the rejection letter, tries to tear it but can't. So the father helps out by ripping it in half and the wee one they do it again..and again.

It's a laugh not typically associated with such a small child, a hearty, sustained belly laugh and honestly, it is quite a heart warming sight to see.

It reminds me of the healing power of laughter. This world, can be an overwhelming place for people...even when life is seemingly going good. I have always found relief in humor and laughter.

In NOT taking things and myself so darn seriously. I've known folks who can't laugh at themselves...I don't envy them at all. It is simply my opinion but I think it's so self-repressive to feel so defensive and closed that you can't find humor in the silly things we all do.

I know, some folks struggle with their self image, their self worth and the mere notion that anyone would tease or poke fun (even light heartedly) at them in jest (including themselves) is unimaginable. I'm glad I don't feel that way today...I need to laugh, a lot, daily. I'm afraid I'd be in tears all the time if I didn't!

Speaking of laughter, I watched a silly movie last night on TMC. It was called: Taking Woodstock and while it's not some super serious, accurate portrayal of how that historic Music and Arts Festival came in to being, it is a cute, light-hearted and yea, funny account. I enjoyed it.

I rarely watch movies...I just don't sit for long periods of time do anything other then read. I'll sit and read but won't watch TV or a movie or talk...I have to be moving around. I'm sure I looked half as funny as the movie pacing back/forth, putting a golf ball back/forth across the living room floor!

I am of the age that I remember Woodstock when Walter Cronkite and others spoke of it on the news. It happened just a few weeks after 2 members of the Apollo 11 Crew walked on the Moon for the first time. Yet I was much too young to actually go.

As a teenager, Woodstock began to take it's iconic place in history and the famous movie of the same name was released. It was a must-see film for folks of my generation.

Anyone who has seen the original film will laugh at this film because they have used the same split screen film techniques that were pioneered in the original documentary. It almost feels to me that it is a continuation of that's just cool and I like it.

I have to add one more thing about the movie. They have a character in this film, Vilma who is a transvestite, Korean War Vet who is simply one of the BEST characters in any film I've ever seen. I truly love this character...and the funny thing is even though this film has much humor, it has some really serious messages to pass along as well.

Like I said: It's cool and it was FUN...

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