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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Strange and Sad

Whoa...It's been kind of a heavy night, emotion wise. I never get used to it...people dying that is. Lord knows I've had a lot of practice but it never gets any easier. I still struggle to make sense out of it all and yet it never really ever makes sense except in life: You are born...then you die. And that's about it really.

I posted earlier about a couple who died today and were related to some close friends and neighbors of mine. They were husband and wife and the woman was the daughter of my neighbors. He was a 25 yr veteran of the Ohio Highway Patrol so the story is getting front page play in Dayton, Ohio tonight. My Sis lives there and told me it's all over the news so I checked it out in the Dayton Daily News...Sad stuff.

It looks like they were actually victims of the Blizzard as they were running a generator in their garage because they lost power during the Ice Storm that hit that area. I hate to say it but they had the door closed and it sounds like they went into the closed garage with the generator running and were quickly overcome.

It's just a big bummer around here tonight. I really feel for the family...the woman's kids spent Summers here at the Lake at the same time my children were here so they were buddies.

I have dealt with death so often over the years that I used to feel like I was the Angel of Death or something. Now I realize that hey, I'm getting older and the older one gets, the more people he knows pass on. Plus, as I've stated here on SSS before, when you deal with addicts/alcoholics...well, they have a tendency to die if they don't sober up. I just hang with a high risk crowd for death: Old People and Addicts! It's not funny, I know but does seem kinda strange, doesn't it?!

OK, this post is starting to CREEP me out, haha. So I think I'm going to bag it for the night and catch up on my book...

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