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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Dogs Life

Bow.....Wow! Wow is right.....It's been a while since I've been around dogs and now i, visiting my son and he/his fiancée Ellie have two wonderful dogs....It makes me realize that even though I've had a cat for years now, I'm very much a dog person. I love dogs...

I'm back in my old home town this morning so I'm basically on vacation, that means I have funner stuff to do then post, haha! I'll write more fully with dog pics later but I will post a quick one I took for FaceBook this morning.

Speaking of FB and it's amazing I have not posted on that phenomenon yet, I watched the Social network with my son Ian last night. It was very good. I would not be upset if I were the powers to be a FB, I thought it was an incredible portrayal of how businesses are built, it doesn't matter if you Old Man Rockefeller/ Standard Oil or Bill Gates/Microsoft to the kids and these were KIDS that are building FaceBook, Google and the like...

Happy Wednesday everyone...

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  1. cool dogs - the one on the right looks like my dachshund, but obviously bigger - same facial features and color