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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Still HURT

I was with a group of people today, all of them recovering alcoholics or addicts. I enjoy those times a great deal. I get to catch up and we share whats going on and stuff with each other.

It can also be a big time reality check because this recovery business, as it were can be hard. Really hard and it can take it's toll on folks, their family's, name it. The simple truth is not every one who seeks recovery or has it, keeps it.

The relapse percentages can be pretty staggering. I don't have those numbers and if I did I'd be skeptical of them because i don't know how you would really keep track. But I live in a relatively small community so I know most of the folks who actively seek help in this area.

And judging from what i see it's rough. Here in the mid-west we have a medical epidemic called METH addiction. Meth is short for Methamphetamine and it is incredibly bad stuff. Check out some info on Meth here.

I never did it...never even saw it. And I am incredibly grateful that I never did see it or use it. People who have tell me the effect is similar to Cocaine, only the buzz is longer. It also is toxic, corrosive stuff and really deteriorates you physically much faster then most other drugs or booze.

I've seen the effects it's had on people...whoa...that is some scary shit. And that statement is coming from a guy that would take some pills he'd never seen before from someone he didn't know and drink 'em down. I didn't care. And METH scares the daylights out of me.

I have a young guy I mentor who is going through a Court Appointed Drug Court Program. He was into Meth. He has had his struggles but he has hung in there but most of what I know about that stuff is from him...

It is easy to get discouraged when you are around folks with the disease of Alcoholism/Addiction because even in recovery, there is so much sorrow, struggle an pain.

This of course in addition to the joy of getting and staying clean. Of getting your life back, finding a job relationships, like I did with my kids, particularly my daughter who had been really upset with me and ready to let me go out of her life...forever.

So it is important to try and keep your prospective in all this, realize that I personally can't feel responsible...that all you can truly do is your best. And yes, focus on those who are making it, there are a lot of 'em and it is such an amazing thing...


  1. ODAAT Daddy! You have done such an amazing job! I love you! Will call you soon, ok?

    Love, Chelsea

  2. Chels: Hey Sweetheart, I see you have that abbreviation down now, I LOVE it! Good for you and 'ya know what?! ODAAT works for everybody...not just X-Boozers like yer old man...Thanx for the wonderful comment. Love You, D