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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yea YOU...

I really want to see people I know who are struggling, succeed. And I really mean that...

I realize that statement came out of the blue and is without context but it sure represents how far I've had to travel in my day to day thinking. Because not all too long ago, I didn't give a whole heck of a lot of thought to whether anyone else was doing well or not. I just though about how well (or NOT so well) I was doing...what else mattered, right?! Hmm...I had a lot to learn.

I have mentioned here before that being in recovery can be equally good/rewarding and painful/difficult at the same time. And for me that is most directly related to the amount of joy or pain/distress I witness in others who are also taking this journey into a life of recovery.

I don't like to see people hurting. I don't, I feel powerless to help them and it just basically SUCKS! Unfortunately it comes with the territory when you spend time around addicts/alcoholics who are seeking a new life. You can't shelter yourself from it.

I don't really have a specific example today...nope, this post is more of just a general expression of an accepted fact. But accepting that fact doesn't make going through the process any easier...not at all.

But as always, it helps to share that frustration and release it and not let it percolate inside of me for any length of time.

So if your hurting today...I feel for you. I really do, life isn't easy and we need those who care about us around us. Just know that at least one old recovering guy who writes a blog is thinking about you today and yea, pulling for you. Hang Tough Today.

Lots of love....T


  1. like the Cleveland Caveliers - just get a win already, you're hogging all the headlines, and i feel bad for them

  2. Yea Ryan, sucks to be those guys. I knew they'd suffer w/out King James but holy smokes, never thought it would be this bad...