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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NUT'S I Say...

Whew, long morning. glad to be home and kicking back...sort of.

I can feel the weather vibe is changing here in Snow City, Michigan. I do think Winter is spent...sure we may get more snow but there is hope in the air. How do I know that?

BASEBALL! SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED...that's how. It is a sure sign that their is hope in this world, hang on better things are coming.

Each year I look forward to baseball season more then I did the year before. And I really think that's freaking cool, I do. Why? Frankly because I always thought it would be just the opposite...that I would lose my enthusiasm for the game the older I got. I don't know if I'm still a kid at heart or the game is just part of me. Either option works for me, I'm OK with 'em both.

I don't reallt want to discuss specifics...who will win their Division, The Pennant or the Series. No...i want to close my eyes, hear the pop of a fly ball..the slap of leather where ball meets glove and even smell the hot dogs grilling in open air. The sounds and the smells of the game. Plus a ball field: The greenest grass I have ever seen.

I remember my first visit to Fenway Park...we were sitting in the Bleachers, left field just right (as your facing the field/home plate) of Pesky's Pole...I came up the stairs, through the tunnel and a field of green. My god was I...speechless. Yea...hard to believe, eh?!

So come on, the true BEAUTIFUL GAME is BASEBALL. Hey soccer, no hard feelings, eh?! But your NUTS if you think YOUR game ranks with The National Pastime....NUTS, I say!

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