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Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks Doc

A long day yet it ended up feeling like something better then usual happened...all because I went to the Doc this morning. It's pretty clear to me now that my medical issues were wearing very heavily on my mind and sapping my spirit. Hell yea, I was worried about it...I'm not sure why that became such a big deal but it was/is.

Worry plus fear weren't the reasons I delayed going to see a physician, just was complicated by the fact that I was knew and it was kind of a hassle to start over. Sure, darn happy I did now...

I also grateful that there were a few close friends that kept on me to go. K-Sue, probably more then any other road my ass until I decided to do it but ultimately it was feeling so lousy that I could really stand it any longer so I went... and the rest is history.

So we have lots of test results I'm waiting for and a few more coming...But it looks like serious complications from Acid Reflux Disease and possible surgery to fix that...Ulcers to add to that mix and some serious constricted Prostate. So all these symptoms were NOT just floating around in my imagination, uh nope.

So I'll get this stuff taken care of in the next few weeks then come Spring start to plan the surgery season. It could now be Stomach Surgery, Right Knee Surgery followed by Fusion Surgery on my back Holy crap, I don't want to think about all that together right now...OSAAT (One Surgery At A Time!!).

Alright that should be the end of the whiny, "I'm not feel well, wah wah wah...posts for a while. Thanks for listening, er reading folks!

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