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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dug Out

Forgive the quality of the picture above, I'd just been outside plowing/attempting to shovel (a bitch for a guy w/my disability) for and hour and a half so I took the pic through the garage window. I'm not sure I'll go out the rest of the day...

We got lucky, they cancelled the Bliz Warning, I think because the wind died down. That's cool w/me, it was still a mess out there but hey, I think I'm finally dug out. Of course that doesn't matter too much because the plows haven't come out this way and the Island road is blocked with drifts, so it's a good book reading day!

Man, it feels good to be alive! Not sure where that just came from but I also shouted it out loud as I typed it and scared the hell out of Zoe, my cat!

I suppose I need to re-fuel and get something to eat. Heck I may go back to bed, the house was rattling so much from the wind last night that I barely slept....


  1. gotta eat man, fuel the fire...hate the snow

  2. You all are making me incredibly cold. It is in the 40's here in Phoenix! What the heck.

    Read for me...I'm still at work :)

  3. I've actually been to Phoenix several times, once in July when it was in the 110's every day and I'd love to go again. I often thought I should think about spending Winters there...40 degrees sounds like Heaven right now!!