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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy VD!

Oh Happy Valentines Day or in my terminology: VD...I have quite a (mundane) day set up for you. You're going to love this (if you can stay awake!). It is truly one of those days where I have a lot of little "business" type things to do but it's all really positive stuff so I don't mind doing it. But it's not what I would call an interesting or fun kind of day...nope, business stuff.

Before I opened the blog and started to post I had to put out a fire. Huh? Yep, I was listening to Spockgirl's musical Valentine to the world and it set my freaking' hair on fire, haha! Nice way to get the day started! SG: You Rock and Happy Heavy Metal-Valentines Day to you to...I couldn't agree with your post this morning more. I give you credit for getting my cynical juices flowing for the the Post title this morning.

Yea, I'm not a huge fan of VD either. I have always thought it better to give gifts, flowers...whatever when I wanted to. And people do really like that as long as you follow through and give but often times folks just use that as an excuse to not give or an alibi or explanation for forgetting a gift on VD.

Perhaps I'm cynical because I'm single..I don't know, I was always this way (Perhaps the reason I'm single!)...not always single but always cynical...I just see so many bad relationships and they can be so damaging. Some folks just can't stand to be alone...they are constantly running from one failed relationship to the next. Often going back and forth to old flames...God, that's frightening. So sad too because they're good people but just feel like they always have to be with someone to be OK. Perhaps they could try staying away from relationships for a year and see how it changes how you feel about yourself....for the BETTER. But no way, most peeps will never do it, it's truly their loss.

I think society perpetuates that notion that we have to be "coupled up" as well..."Your single, at YOUR age? What's wrong with you"?! (Said in your best Rosanne Barr voice) And it can be just like that. People don't understand why you aren't with someone...

I know it's a cliche but I really did find out more about who I was when I focused less on trying to find "love" and just lived my life. In my case it was critical that I got healthy and yea happy before I thought about getting involved again. It's funny but love will find you if you let it and sometimes it isn't what you'd expect. Lonely...sure I've felt lonely but I have often felt that way in a relationship as well. Believe me, I'm NOT an expert on this subject, far from it but I do know a damaging relationship scenario when I see it.

When a person ties their self-esteem to a relationship...well their f**ked as far as their self-image is concerned. Thats my opinion but hey, it is what it is...

So on that happy little note I leave VD to the rest of you to ponder...I've done my bit for the day...


  1. just let life run it's course .. quod erit, erit (what will be will be)

  2. Thanks T! Heheheh... love that "Freakin hair on fire" bit. (Interesting note: I actually had that happen to me by accident once.)