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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Way IT is RIGHT Now...

I'm a home...Yep, just spent the better part of 3 days in my hometown of Holland, MI and it was really awesome to get back and hang out. I miss a lot of things in that town. Unfortunately it was more business trip then for visiting since I mainly went to pick up a vehicle I ordered in late October.

I thought Tuesday would be "car" day and Wednesday would be free for, no. The car had some issues, had to spend the better part of the early day doing that stuff but hey, it worked out well and I love the new Juke.

It's funny but I thought it would be easy to get back to Holland and visit more frequently then I have. It's less then a 2.5 hr drive and I am retired so I figured, shoot I'll be back there all the time. Ah, nope, it hasn't worked out that way at all. Life catches up and it's busy.

So I have to be satisfied with what I can manage...

traveling really affected my routine of course as well. I had hoped to blog more "from the road" as it were but a combination of lousy driving weather, ill health and the car issues imposed themselves on the time I needed to blog so i ended up with only a couple of short posts.

I do hope to change that in the future when I travel but I guess it wasn't a bad first stab at it...

I did get to see a couple of old friends in recovery which is always nice. And thought I think I'm going to save this subject for a full post tonight or perhaps tomorrow, I have to chuckle because a few folks who have known me for awhile made some interesting observations to me yesterday concerning some comments here and a Social network site (FB) regarding my becoming a "Soldier of God", etc...

I laughed because one friend read a post and saw the comments and told me her reaction was "What in the world happened to Thom?!". I find that reaction priceless and yes, precious...they know me so well.

A last little tidbit about coming home. I was hoping that whole Ice Storm thing had just been a bad dream....unfortunately, it wasn't!

Wow, the damage around here is just incredible. The house and out-buildings here were not damaged but countless centuries old Oaks, Maples, Cottonwoods and Sycamore trees, some that were surely standing here on Iyopawa Island when the native Pottawatomies were still inhabiting this place in the Summer...well they didn't fare so well.

Thousands of limbs are down or torn off of the trees, the debris is everywhere. It's going to take time to get everything cleaned up. Some folks are just today getting their power back on...this storm happened Monday!

So we were fortunate about the power, not so fortunate about the trees yet, we didn't have any whole trees come down which could have been really awful so I think I'm grateful for what we got. life indeed, goes on.

Any how, time to clean up and go searching for a country road to drive the new THANG on as I go find some grub, until later....

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