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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I Heard From Passing Renegades..."

Ever feel haunted by music? I a matter of fact both of the songs I posted video on last night Gone To Shiloh/ Indian Sunset have a haunting effect on me.

Part of it is the subject matter, part is the music, piano and percussion. A lone piano, especially in the hands of a musical genius like Elton John happens to be one of my favorite sounds on this planet. It's soulful, joyous and can pick me up and just carry me away on a magic carpet of sound.

The first song, I know very little about it, having heard it literally for the first time last night. A new album version of that song is on the new release by Elton John and Leon Russell called: The Union. That version is quite good as well. But as I just mentioned, there is something beautifully haunting about a lone piano made even more so when accompanied by percussionist Ray Cooper.

It clearly laments the Civil War Battle of Shiloh, the soldier leaving his farm in the hands of his family, waving goodbye to his children then heading off to war. The lyrics are exquisitely appropriate for the subject matter and Sir Elton belts them out with such feeling, it shakes me to my core. An incredible musical journey, in this one man's opinion.

Indian Sunset is a little known song off the classic Elton John album: Madman Across The Water. It has always been one of my favorite songs, on an album of favorite songs like the Title track, Levon, Tiny Dancer and Holiday Inn.

The song follows a fictional leader of American Indians presumably in the Desert South West with it's reference to Geronimo but it mixes up it's history and doesn't truly follow any true historical line. Normally that would bother me...not here. Nope, not at all..

Why not? Because it captures the essence of what happened to the Native Sons of America in awe inspiring fashion. Haunting barely covers it. This song can bring me to tears and frequently has. To hear the line about "hearing from passing renegades, that Geronimo was dead"..."as he was laying down his weapons, they filled him full of lead....", ye-ow it sends shivers down my spine.

Again this recording teams Elton up with percussionist Ray Cooper...just the two of them, BRAVO. They are fantastic as a team..if they do indeed ever tour together again, this one is a "must see" for this author.

History + Music done well...For me that = ECSTACY

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