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Friday, February 11, 2011


I've mentioned here in past posts how much benefit I receive from writing this blog. It really has been an amazing gift, to be able to write, to share my story and connect with different folks from all over.

I wouldn't say I'm super on top of all the newest social media stuff but I've had Twitter for over a year (I never really posted stuff just followed peeps). That is an area I'm going to try and focus more on: Twitter.

Several of my fellow blog com-padres: Ryan from Wax Red Threads Twitter: @RyanInTheBronx and Sunny from Sunny Sings The Blues Twitter: @SunnySingsBlues are two who have blazed a trail for me in the it were, haha.

My Twitter handle is: @thormoo

So if you haven't tried Twitter, I suggest giving it a rip. It's just like any other social media (Like FaceBook for example) it takes a little time to get a feel for how it works but it's free, easy to set up and I think most folks find it's really interesting and worthwhile after trying it. Sorry Nike...So folks, take a few minutes with this Twitter thing and JUST DO IT!

 Like I mentioned, I used it for over a year just following news/sports outlets and certain celebrities I was interested in. Now I'm branching off into posting things myself. For the last month or so I've been linking Shell Shock serenade posts to it so whenever I post something new Twitter posts a link to the blog site. Really cool stuff.

While I'm on the subject of social media and stuff, i do want to take this opportunity to thank those of you that have regularly been reading Shell Shock Serenade. Not only has this blog become a wonderful way to express myself, release pent up emotion, connect with people and just write for the joy of writing...It's become a labor of love. It really has and it means a lot to me that anyone would take even a second out of their busy lives to read something I would post on the Internet. It's very humbling and I thank ALL of you from the bottom of my cold, dark, pitiless, black scab encrusted blob that used to be a heart....Please SMILE I was only joking!! Really THANK YOU ALL!!

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