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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hang on!

Well it is 10:15pm on this Monday evening...February 28, the last day of this, our shortest month of the year. I would say that the year, 2011 has really started off pretty well. And considering that we have just completed the second full month, the year itself is moving along rather quickly as well.

What can I say. After a lifetime of searching in all the wrong places, for all the wrong things...My Life's Spiritual Mystery has not only been solved but resolved...for all eternity. I cannot, for even a brief moment think about that simple fact without feeling profoundly moved, almost to tears.

And to know now, with certainty that GOD has a plan for me: To put me in this position to write about my experiences here on Shell Shock, even as hard and painful as that can be is truly an absolute blessing. I am so grateful to be able to use those experiences in some positive way.

Last Summer I would have to admit that I didn't really see any of this coming. Oh sure...I felt like I was making some spiritual progress, I was doing my best to be of service to others, working on my recovery and generally taking care of business. But I hadn't a clue such a profound change would occur and I would know in my heart that I was indeed SAVED.

Cool stuff! It's just that I am still feeling a bit blown away and giddy, like I am living a dream! Oh well, how often do you get to experience such a wonderful transformation?

There have been other interesting stuff happen in these 2 months. The Ice Storm that hit a week ago yesterday...the incredible lake erosion that pushed our shoreline back close to 8-9 feet like a fault line from an earth quake in our yard.

Of course, I was able to purchase a new Nissan JUKE...a dream vehicle for me. After all the financial wreckage I had created, to be able to re-build and establish some credit, especially in this awful economic downturn we have been experiencing as a country.

I am almost afraid to think of what the next 10 months may bring if the first two were like this!

Oh well, I guess the only way to find out is....hang on!

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