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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Almost Famous
Honestly it never fails! My previous post was...HEAVY, to say the least. Those posts are very hard on me to write but I discovered they are necassary. I can't avoid writing those because I am getting emails from folks who can relate, who appreciate it. Wow, that makes it much more meaningful, eh...even worthwhile to keep sharing.

But after such an emotional, even traumatic morning at church plus sharing my feelings here on shell Shock, I felt completely wrung out, drained...yep, even though I'm glad I did all that it really takes it's toll plus those things are weighing very heavily and vividly I may add...on my mind and in my thoughts.

And then in the short time it takes to watch a 30 second TV commercial, running during the Daytona 500 I nearly fall out of my chair, convulsing with laughter. Yep and of all products, it was Budweiser Beer, a BUD commercial that lifted me up on a wave of's just amazing how those kind of things will happen to me. I'm told this first aired during the Super bowl but I missed it.

I'm not sure if anyone out there saw the movie Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe but the best scene in that wonderful movie is when the band is on the tour bus. The lead singer has just royally screwed up and everybody is upset with him. Then with all the tension building, the situation like many in real life is rescued by a song...that is the video above. I would suggest watching that 3 minute scene before watching the BUD version:

Now I was not very fond of BUD or BUD products when I was drinking, nope I was a MILLER guy, then a COORS LIGHT guy followed after my first trip to England/Europe by becoming a traditional Dark European Style Ale Guy or Guinness Bloke. But BRAVO to Anheuser Busch Company for making me laugh today when I was hurting...hurting a great deal inside...CHEERS!

Now everyone:

Hold me closer Tiny Dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today...**

**Tiny Dancer
  By Elton John from the album: Madmen Across The Water


  1. That movie is on my top favorites for movies! I love it.

    The commercial cracked me up too!

  2. I know I've watched the commercial like half a dozen times since I posted it, lol!