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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What To Do...

Ahh, decision time...the only problem with that is I don't want to make a decision.

It has truly been a restful Sunday so far. Typically my day began early but not too early for me: 5:15a. My usual pattern is the early parts of the day are full of activity and then they chill out as the day proceeds. Today fell into that pattern as well.

That happens mostly because of my physical abilities, they tend to decrease as the day goes on...I have really been struggling with the knees, back/neck and left hip the last week or so and it's like they determine enough is enough.

The cool part of that today was I actually crashed about noon w/a heating pad and slept on/off for a couple of hours, hence the "relaxing" part of my day.

Now I have to figure out if I want to venture out into the cold and snow, drive back to town (20 min) to attend a Super Bowl Party. As comfy as I feel right now I'm leaning toward at least making an appearance because it is kinda of cool situation.

It's a large get together of peeps in recovery their family and friends. This year they're holding it in a rental hall for the first time because it has outgrown the various Rec Rooms, Living Rooms and Basements it's been held in the last several years. I do like having an opportunity to go where booze isn't served but that actually doesn't bother me.

In recovery, different people have varying opinions on situations where there is alcohol being served. I'm totally comfortable myself but some people aren't and that's fine too. One thing I don't really do is go to bars unless it's to grab lunch or something. I just don't enjoy being there...the only reason I ever went to a bar/tavern was to drink and since I don't do that any more it doesn't make a whole heck of  a lot of sense to go, sip a soda and watch other folks get hammered. Not fun...

I need to get off the computer and figure out my plan so everyone enjoy the game. If I'm around there will probably some obnoxious, whiny, sarcastic post of hype again, haha!!

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