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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Spin The SPIEL, Now Shall We?!

The 11th ranked Purdue Boilermakers took care of business tonight beating 10th ranked Wisconsin Badgers 70-62 in front of a packed house at Mackey Arena.

JJ (JuJuan Johnson) had 20 points/8 rebounds/3 blocks, E'Twaun Moore had 19 pts and LewJack (Lewis Jackson) had 19/5 assists in a rugged game.

I confess, it was an all hi-lights game for me because I have a study group at 6:45p on Wed. nights so I didn't see a single second of the game live. I got a text update from Purdue's Gold and Black Illustrated at halftime and when I tuned in the radio as soon as I got in the car to drive home, I listened to the last 8 seconds live.

In some ways that is better for me, haha. No stressful watching the teams go back and agonizing over every Purdue turn-over, missed shot or mistake. Very pleasant: Tune in the radio, listen briefly and they announce that Purdue WINS! Wonderful...

This makes Sundays game at Mackey against the Big Bad Buckeyes a BIGGIE...a real biggie! The Boilers have 3 League losses, they avenged one in late January by beating Minnesota, got another one of them back tonight by beating Wisky and have a chance at the third against the Bucks on Sunday.

I love big games like this, nationally televised on CBS TV. Certainly Purdue could get beat again but I really don't see them getting blown out. I still believe OSU is the best team in the country right now, sorry Texas Longhorns fans but in my opinion they are.

Texas is currently hammering Oklahoma State on the road but hey that's why this college basketball thing is so much fun, we all get to have our favorites and like Butt-Holes, our opinions.

Anyway, Sunday at 1p is going to be a big day for sports for this guy. The Daytona 500 is on, I believe that pre-race is at 1p so I can watch the B-Boys go after the, the Buckeyes as all the pre-race hokey-pokey crap happens then settle down to watch the good part of the race...

I love it, I really do love my sports action. I'm not obsessed by it, I've never ever gambled but it just adds a nice little hobby interest to my life. And it is real: there is a winner and a loser plus true life drama.OK that is my sports spiel....

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