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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Whisper...

I walked out to get the newspaper this morning about 4:45a. It felt like I was on another planet. Everything is still encrusted with ice...a world in white yet since it was still dark everything kind of "glowed" a silvery, grey. It is foggy & frosty and feels cold but it's deceiving because the temperature is rising. So once again, all the frozen chucks of ice are constantly breaking off the trees and falling to earth. It's a symphony of sound: creaks, cracks, snaps, pops...and whispers.

No wind, just the sound of knowing with out seeing, of seeing with out hearing, of feeling without's a certainty, an accepted fact that GOD is always..was always here.

How do you even begin to explain what it is like...what it feels like to live an entire life while intentionally turning AWAY from the LIGHT. To seek out the dark places, to embrace them, to challenge them, attempt to defy them them yet ultimately...surrender to them and choose a "life" that focuses on own death. How does one CHOOSE death. I shudder to realize that person was me...

And then, that very same world turns upside-down and everything is suddenly so different. I don't even begin to comprehend the changes that were & are taking place yet somehow I know it's right. I just sensed that I needed to hang on with all my might. The "Faithless" one, was actually exercising incredible Faith but as usual I was the last to know!

Life today is all about turning TOWARDS the LIGHT. I can do I believe that it is probably next to impossible to describe to someone what it feels like to go from a place of no HOPE to one of known GLORY in the blink of an eye. And it is all in the SAME physical place, here where I, right now in this very instant. I find that fact absolutely MIND-BLOWING...

Love...Love is the whisper that says I'm OK...Love is a whisper that tells me it will be alright...Love showed me that the true path to salvation lead straight through the death of my old life and to the beginning of a new life firmly based in HIS grace, HIS forgiveness...Yep...HIS Love.

How is that for a Mind Blowing experience. eh?!

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