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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pretty Boring Stuff...

Hey, if you asked me I would have told you that I was pretty routine oriented. I do things a certain way and yea, everyday I have certain things I almost always do, in a particular as well. It borders on being anal but it's not obsessive. Today I found out how much I really relax and go w/the flow when I follow that routine.

Because today I didn't follow the usual bit and the whole day feels off somehow. Not bad really just like it isn't working right. Basically the snow through off the plan....

Typically Wed. is a big day of meetings..I meet w/a guy every Wed. morning at 9 to talk about spiritual matters, recovery and life. I have a standing meeting at noon then at 6:45p I've gotten in a really cool group at a local church.

None of those things happened today because of what they are calling the Blizzard of 2011, which is a total joke. We had blizzard conditions for what, 10 hrs maybe then they downgraded it. But we did have a lot of snow and the drifting out here on the lake was incredible.

We also didn't get a paper so my usual paper and coffee wake up time was instead replaced with get up and plow time, for like an hour and a half. Followed by 3 hrs flat on my back with a heating pad then 2 more hours plowing neighbors out this afternoon.

It's actually all good because I do like helping folks's just the day seems wasted when I don't get out. Oh well, this just tells me I have to learn how to relax and how to accept things the way they are. I need to just go with the flow instead of partitioning my day into these strange little routines...

OK, I'm sure this is NOT one of my more interesting posts and I should probably shit can it but that would be defying the spirit of the blog to capture a typical day, etc. of a recovering addict. Yep, we can have boring lives too...


  1. We've been a bit holed in where I live too. Not as bad as most places, but still cold and crappy. Hope you get your routine back on track soon.

    visions unto myself

  2. :) I enjoy reading blah days on posts. Makes me feel normal as well. Thank you!

  3. when i lived at my parents' house, i used to love getting up, getting the paper, and reading the sports section with cereal in the morning - when it didn't come for any number of reasons, i was in a bad mood for a day...

    glad to see you got through the day