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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flying Fur Balls in The Sky...

I am literally laughing out loud and it's scaring the fur right off my cat. Old Zoe is convinced I've finally lost my mind after all these years. Whats so funny you may wonder? My singing...

Yep, I'm gimping around the house (I live alone this time of year) in my boxers belting out songs at the top of my lungs. In another life I always wanted to be Frank Sinatra (Just the famous singer Frank, not the Quasi-Hood Frank who hung out with God Father types and more then likely "benefited" from some of those associations.

I can get myself in enough trouble without hanging out with Mobsters...

Did you know that a cane is a rather handy accessory (As a Mic Stand) when it comes to pretending that your Frank F**king Sinatra in his boxer shorts live at Caesars Palace on a Sunday morning ? You didn't? OK, well we learn something everyday then, now don't we?!

Considering this post has turned into an artistic nightmare I'm going to try and tie things up nicely with a bow on them so everything here will at least make sense...Naw.

Any know why I would put a picture of a 2011 Black Nissan Juke here at the bottom of this post? There is one person who does...I wonder if they might have some encouraging information that may enlighten me this week...Hmmm.


  1. Isn't that the one you ordered? sing like you're john fucking lennon brother - if you're into that kind of thing.

    Huge week for the Boilers...big one at Illinois today and home against Wisco on Wednesday.

    I'm scoping out a Subaru ones are pretty nice looking

  2. Yea delivery was mid to late Jan., uh what's the date today!? Yea like Feb. 13th and still no Juke. The Sales Rep at the Dealership is on my FB and gets Shell Shock so I put that out there to bust his chops a bit. They're good peeps at the Dealership, I'm just not very patient! Thats the right color Juke, the one I ordered is more tricked out internally then the one in the photo. The Forester is a great vehicle.

    Yep it's GAME TIME this next week in BOILER COUNTRY...3 Big Ass Games in a row. I like our chances in all 3 but just the same we could lose 'em all too. Thats the Big 10 for 'Ya!

  3. Sounds like you're having a blast of a Sunday with the singing. Just so long as you didn't do any crazy moves whilst listening to ol blue eyes and throw your back out... heh.

  4. SG-You'll never believe this but earlier, when I was singing to Frank, I jumped up in the air (a whole 3 inches), my back went out and now I'm in Hospital in traction...I'm kidding of course but trust me, it could have happened just as you described...I just don't know my own limitations anymore(I suppose that is somewhat typical as we humans age but I seem to be aging faster then I WANT TO, imagine that!!)so in a way I'm just an accident just waiting to happen.

    This is a rather funny story (well it is NOW, it wasn't when it happened!): The last time I actually had a serious episode where I truly threw my back out and couldn't walk, get up on my own, put my own shoes/socks on and stuff? It was triggered by a ....SNEEZE, No SHIT.

  5. T:
    OMG... "It was triggered by a ....SNEEZE, No SHIT."
    I'm laughing so hard... my face hurts!!! But... I totally could see that happening.

  6. I thought you might appreciate's the gods honest truth! You can see why I find it funny now but it actually started about 2 weeks of extreme difficulty, all because of a sneeze...