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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lest We Forget...

An early morning wake-up (even earlier then usual) heading out on a road trip with a friend for the day. I used to love to travel, didn't matter where I was going, how long I would be gone...I just wanted to be GONE. I still haven't figured that out yet. Now, I'd rather stick around the home turf more. Jeez I wonder if there might be some symbolism in all that? Hmmm......

I read a post and watched a video posted on Spockgirl's blog this morning that I suggest everyone check out. Lest we forget what happened on that day: 11 September, 2001

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  1. Thanks T:
    I highly recommend that anyone who pops over there should definitely read your comment. ... It should have been a post on your blog!