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Friday, February 4, 2011

Topic-Less Tap-Dance

The end of another week and as the old cliche says: Where does the time go? No idea...But I have a strange feeling that this is going to be another one of those posts of mine that has no specific topic. I suppose we could call it a topic-less tap dance today, tee hee.

What a bummer for the Dallas area business's huh? They wait for probably 3-4 years for this Super Bowl Week and the Winter Storm of 2011 all but shuts the city down for 3 days. Plus the temps there are still below freezing making it difficult to have all the out door activities that were planned around the festivities this week. The weather is going to improve they say tomorrow and Sunday but it may be too little too late for area business's...

My last 2 posts here on Shell Shock have been about the couple I know who lost their lives yesterday due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator in their garage. Their power had been out because of the Blizzard of 2011...Sad. It just highlights how fleeting life is and we need to embrace every day that we have and cherish those around us.

I can't tell you how grateful I am for my friends. I don't think I'll ever forget those feelings of isolation/loneliness I felt at one time and how much different it is today...

I must say too that I've been going to that church (The Great God Adventure, 2011) for three weeks and I already feel like I have an extended family. My Bull Shit detector was in full operation and i have to say these folks are REAL, no phonies at all. No pretenders, they are genuine and they really seem to care...I am impressed and grateful! That is quite an admission from this great skeptic, let me assure you....

I made a bit "to do" a couple of weeks ago about my weight and in particular the size of my stomach. I was going to update regularly and haven't. Why? Uh, er...I think you can probably guess: I haven't made any improvement. I really tried those first couple of days, was doing well then fell ill with a cold and slacked. Now I am going through one of my typical bouts of pain and limited physical ability due to my back, knee and hip injuries/disabilities. That makes it almost impossible to find some cardio exercise that's effective for me right now.

I was going to post some stuff about the Super Bowl hype and stuff but I think I'll hold off and dedicate a whole post to it later this weekend. Gee, I wonder if I'll be the only one writing about that Super Bowl Hype and Game this weekend. Oh wait, there is actually a game being played this weekend? Ahh...Exactly!

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