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Monday, February 14, 2011

No Lie!

Last night I reviewed some of the performances at the 2011 Grammy Awards as they were aired. One performance I missed was by Eminem w/Rhianna, Dr Dre, Adam Levine and Skylar Grey doing versions of Love The Way You Lie and I Need A Doctor.

Above is video off YouTube of those performances. I would say this was probably my favorite followed by Cee-Lo Green w/Gweneth Paltrow doing F**k You or the Clean Name Forget You.

I've never been a fan per se of Rap but I like good creative artistic music and Eminem has a lot of stuff I like. I really hadn't heard these tunes before today and I like 'em, I just do. I have always liked Em's ability as a lyricist, he calls it like it is and for that I appreciate what he does.

Alright, now I feel better, this performance by Em, Dre, Rhianna and Skylar Grey (who is simply fantastic) was definitely worth mentioning and once I watched it this afternoon I knew I had to post it. So even if you don't much care for Rap, I still think it's worth a looksie...


  1. holy shnikeys, I just posted an eminem video - not this one, a golden oldie...AWESOME!@!

  2. Whoa there must be some Psychic Blog shit going on here, Bro! WoooooooooHoooooooo..............