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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perhaps It's A Trend!

I have to talk a little Boiler Basket Ball...holy smokes, I don't know how they did it but they sure took it to SPARTY today. They out-rebounded MSU on their home floor and beat them by 20 points, 67-47! JJ had 20 pts and 17 boards, incredible plus he added 7 blocks. This young man is an All-American. frankly I think he and E'Twaun Moore both are but I would be shocked if either one of them won it.

Moore finished the day with 17 points while LewJack had 16. It's been that trio that has really solidified itself into great team leadership.

I have been a Purdue Basketball and Football Fan ALL my life. I am conditioned...and I mean conditioned to be skeptical. I am starting to believe (and I know in my heart of hearts I shouldn't say this!) that they could really do some damage in the Tourney. We'll see...

Well, my has been the end of a special kind of day. I'll never forget it and how I felt. Baptism, as I understand it is a symbolic act yet I cannot really describe what has happened to me physically. Something deep inside of me, jumped up today and I have have a sneaking suspicion that it will remain that way for some time.

I feel good about life. Big deal right? Uhhh..I never just felt generally good about my life...your life maybe, never ever MY life! So I'm thinking it's a trend...

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