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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Often WRONG

I have a confession to make this afternoon. I'm feeling rather down, not BLACK DOG down but down none the less. I posted on this very same blog the other day a little ditty called One Fortunate BASTARD basically chronically some of the things I was grateful for. I had fully intended to make it kind of a revolving post, figuring I'd get some interesting and inspiring comments.

I got two: Ryan from Waxed Red Threads and fightthesky (I dude I didn't even know before his comment) whose blog: Running Free I just discovered due to his comment.

Now I realize I don't have that many readers and I freaking appreciate every single person who tunes in and checks out Shell Shock Serenade but I was rather sad that there weren't more comments. It also got me wondering...

Has life become that hard nowadays? I know things are tough, they just doubt about it. Especially those of us who have been hurt by the economy. I mean we are all sick of hearing about it but it's our WORLDS reality...IT Totally SUCKS right now. And I was beginning to think maybe things were looking up...

But now I wonder. I'm realistic...besides not having a large readership, hell I don't even have a small readership, haha! I have a lot of readers who ARE by their own admission dealing with SHIT right now. That (Life's Hard Knocks) is by default a re-occurring theme of this blog so it does not surprise me then folks reading it wouldn't be brimming with gratitude..

The last thing I wanted was anyone making stuff up...if you don't feel very grateful right now, I do understand. But it still is sad and I still wish I could change that fact that people are hurting. I hate that...I know, it's life but I still don't like it.

I feel a tad embarrassed by this because I clearly misread the situation thinking peeps would jump at the chance to share what they are grateful for...

I'll share a little background info about this subject: In recovery groups or therapy groups it isn't unusual for people to share the things that they are grateful about. The whole theme of the chat is: GRATITUDE. I mistakenly thought I could get the world to do the same thing right here on this little old blog. A Big 'ole piece of HUMBLE PIE is still whacking my embarrassed FACE right here as I type.

I don't want any one to misread the tone of this post and think I'm sore about people not responding...I'm really not. I am genuinely sad that there wasn't more feedback but blog posts can be a strange animal, I've discovered. Most of the time when I think I have a really hot post: It isn't. No one responds.

The opposite though is often true, I'll whip something out that I don't feel very good about and 160 people read it and comment/email. So I can't ever figure this thing out...shoot you write, post it and it's like throwing a creative dart in a way: you truly never know where it is going to land.

So this one was off least my expectations about it were. But you know something. That post was one of my favorite posts of all time. I really liked writing it, I mean I REALLY enjoyed doing much so that I do think I'll continue a GRATITUDE POST periodically.

OK, well cool! Funny how I can actually resolve a personal and creative dilemma, live...right here on Shell Shock Serenade. How freaking groovy is that? Really groovy, ya DIG?

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    You never know with blog comments. Go figure that I got comments on a blog post I did that contained one (?) sentence and a link to a song about doing laundry. Yup.