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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shakes OUT

It's getting rather late, almost time to turn in. Another visit to Holland almost complete. This time was different, a visit to see my son and stay at the home he shares w/his fiancée and two wonderful dogs...I really enjoyed myself and look forward to Spring then Summer...I still kind of feel like Holland, MI is my home.

That is starting to be a bit of an issue. I've felt torn about it and ready for something to give yet it doesn't, things just keep the way they are.
It isn't really anything against Coldwater, it's that I just like the way things are here, it's different..I could envision splitting time between the two cities again like I initially did. I have to be able to manage that kind of lifestyle (with a cat) and be able to afford the travel. It all sounds good but the reality is much different.

I'll see how it all shakes out, obviously but it sounds nice and I like having that option as a potentialIt's finding a place to stay that will be interesting and crucial to my plan.

Well I need to turn in...The Boilers beat Indiana in basketball at Bloomington tonight: 72-61. Now we play at Michigan State this weekend...the B-I0

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