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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

70 YEARS Gone By...

I am not going for "clever" here this morning. No...70 years ago today the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet at Pear Harbor, Hawaii propelling the United States into the largest and most horrific war know to mankind: World War II.

I was born in October of 1962...yep, I am at the tail-end of the "Baby Boomer" Generation...those babies born to the veterans of WWII in the couple of decades following the end of the war in 1945. It seemed logical that if you were one of the millions of American Servicemen returning home from War that the first thing you would want to do when you got home would be hook up and marry your sweetheart...yea, get laid. 

Let's face it...that is pretty much what happened as the baby business BOOMED well into the mid to late 1960's after Vets from all branches of the service, including the Coast Guard settled down, went to school, got married, started careers and then families.

As I was growing up, WWII was still very much on every one's mind, talked about on the radio/TV and in school. The country revered their WWII veterans like no others...Even during the chaos and upheaval of the Vietnam War it was still looked on as something to be proud of to have served in that war.

Slowly though, over the years as the last million or so WWII veterans are dying off now at an alarming rate of a thousand a day we are collectively starting to forget. The smoky veil of time is starting to obscure what took place back then, starting with what happened on this INFAMOUS DAY, 70 years ago TODAY.

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