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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perspective & Perseverance...

Another evening sitting down before the computer at my grandfather's desk. It has been a day of reflection and a chance to get out and into town for a couple of hours.

I admit that I am still feeling the heavy weight of responsibility, fear and expectation in relation to my medical problems. I am really hurting physically tonight in addition to my concern for the unknown. Honestly though...what can one really do about it now? Whatever is going to happen, WILL happen...then we learn to live with the result then move on. Such is all life with reality then move on.

In a discussion this morning my buddy and I were talking about putting faith into action. In other words, the main point of living ONE's life is to keep living those lives even when we are quite ill or disabled...even when that illness may be terminal. Now I am NOT facing that prospect of trying to persevere while I know I am dying, but I know people who are and man does my heart go out to them It is difficult enough dealing with my current situation of being ill and disabled yet still attempting to lead full and productive lives. I know right now that I am falling far short of that goal/expectation right now but I know that and I am striving to do better.

So that is the thought I will take with me keep moving forward and never lose sight of what 's important.

(Painting: Winslow Homer)

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