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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Missing The Ebb...And The Flow

One other result of my health/physical situation these past few weeks is that my attention span and memory are even SHORTER then they usually are. This has resulted in shorter, quirky little blog posts and as I've mentioned recently I am not sure if I really like them or not. 

I enjoyed the ability back then to have the words just flow out and let the post sort of ebb and flow as it developed itself along the way. Today and tonight's post right here is no different...the post is more forced, I have to work each thought and even create it as I go where before the thoughts and ideas came as a stream of one big, long burst. That was fun because I would just go along for the ride!

Anyway...that is the end of another late-night...early-morning observation here on the SHOCK. I'm looking forward to the bible reading over at the Nursing home then spending the rest of the day here with my son and his girlfriend. Perhaps I'll check in later but if not...have a HAPPY SATURDAY!

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