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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seeking TRUTH One Nugget At A Time.

I am going to try and write something worth while for a change this evening as opposed to FREAKING "cat litter" value posts from the last 2 days or so....This weekend's blog posts have been WEAK to say the least, that at best they may have accurately expressed how I felt at that specific moment in time but that was it. They were shallow and only dealt with the very surface thoughts and feelings....Perhaps they've conveyed a realistic update on how I feel at the moment but they never followed through.

I notice it these days when I am not expressing my thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Though I am not trying to hold anything back, it still has the same affect on me as if I were. I obviously have come to rely on it for balance in my everyday existence. I really believe that it is a good thing and I gain strength and perspective by hanging my feelings out each and every day.

Never in my wildest dreams when I started Shell Shock Serenade did I think I would share such incredibly personal information on the Internet. Nor did I think I would reach such incredible personal depths of honesty and TRUTH and feel comfortable sharing them with everyone on the planet who would choose to drop by.

All in all though....It's been a real blessing for me.

(Painting: Van Gogh)

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