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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Sanity Of The INSANE or My Every Day DEAL!

I mentioned the other day I was reading a book (An Unquiet Mind) by Kay Redfield Jamison about insanity...that is a clinical of the most renown here in the States who suffers from serious mental illness. And all the while she was writing the text and thesis of some of the most pronounced breakthroughs in this field in 50 years and for new treatments as well....she was in the throes of her own illness!   

Kay Redfield Jamison
I can really relate to a great deal of what she has to say and what she experienced having pushed the limits of my own sanity through the use of drugs and alcohol. I recommend this book to anyone who has for anyone who has pushed themselves beyond the realm of "normal" psychologically.

I have another reason for my interest in this subject...someone whom I am very close to also suffers from mental illness so I am curious to take in as much information as I possibly can. In this particular persons case their diagnosis is a little different... instead of Manic Depression they suffer from Paranoid Personality Disorder.  If your curious about can look it up HERE.

At the risk of exposing this individual (and I simply cannot do that) I won't go into any real details about this situation but it's been going on for over 30 years and increasingly getting worse each and every year. I will say that it's absolutely heartbreaking and makes those of us who love this person feel hopeless that there is a cure because she does not believe there is a fact she believes the problem is that everyone else is out to "get" her, belittle her and make her feel less important then she really's tragic.

So I am fascinated with this book on several personal levels and just because it is a fascinating subject....

Well I have 2.5 hours left before I have to fast for my procedure in the morning so I want to take advantage and chow down on something before I am unable to. So until later....

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