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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Working IT....

I try to open the portal to what I believe is the unknown, secret well of clever words and perhaps they can flow effortlessly right out of SAID well and into my blog post this morning and what do I get....that's right...NOTHING. Nothing is FREE, nothing comes easy...nothing, in the end really is NOTHING.

And NOTHING is not interesting enough to keep the blog alive and kickin' least in my opinion it isn't enough to keep ME interested,

So I sit here at my desk...the command and control center of all that is now ME & Mine...half asleep, a funny...fuzzy, quasi-head-ache thing going on and I am freaking clueless right now when it comes to blog post subject matter. Hence we have stumbled on the bane of blogging about real life stuff...when life isn't providing interesting post material..well that's what your stuck with.

But I actually beg to differ that nothing interesting is going on...that I am having trouble focusing for reasons, some obvious like lack of sleep and some not quite as obvious. As a matter of fact, I am sure that it's not for lack of subject matter that I it's my ability to focus and get it down in writing. It's the translation process that the reader never sees...unless they read my blog and I air all my dirty laundry out for all to see...

As a matter of fact, I was commenting on another blog yesterday and the idea for a new post came to me while I was writing over there...thankfully I made note of the idea because I find it quite interesting and that is something I will attempt to work on today if I can find the time between doctor's appointments, bible reading and other stuff I have going on. Until then my friends...                         \

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