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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rocket Man...err, SANTA

Well, well it's Santa Claus time my friends....the dude has fired up the sleigh...I've heard he has one of those 3-wheeled Can Am SPYDER's like my Brother Chick has but I haven't verified that as of yet. We'll have to keep a look-out for the Brother as he makes his way round the world tonight...

It's after midnight so it is Christmas Day 2011. So MERRY FREAKIN" CHRISTMAS everyone! Here is hoping that YOU and YOURS have a ROCKING Day!

I just got home about a half an hour ago with K-Sue. It was about an hour each drive up I-69 to Battle Creek from where I live on Coldwater Lake to the Fire Keepers Casino right on I-94 in BC where I met Kim's Step-Mom and her Dad who dropped her off since her car is on the FRITZ again. How appropriate that I have been listening to a new station on Sat. Radio (XM) called the BONE YARD which is appropriate since her darn car belongs in the freaking BONE YARD as well. 

Anyway...we are all here now safe and, maybe not sound...well I'm not sure how sound I am these days since I'm punchy as can be and probably should be committed to an institution...anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS and we'll see you, later today!

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