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Friday, December 9, 2011

HEY JOE: How Can You Sleep?!

Is any one else out there sick of hearing about how Jerry Sandusky, the monster former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Rapist and how he was frequently anally penetrating the pre-teenage boys in his care from is youth charity. That's right, every sports page in America had the words: "ANAL PENETRATION" splashed all over the front of their sports pages the last couple of days. Do you feel good about that AMERICA, huh?! Coach Paterno, How about you MAN??!! You sleeping well these days knowing you could have at least ended it nearly a decade ago but NO, WE ARE FUCKING PENN STATE Football was too DAMN important to put at risk by doing something as awful as TELL THE TRUTH! And put a monster in prison where he belongs....

Hey JOE, ever penetrate anyone anally, huh? NO? But it's OK that your most respected Assistant Coach does, though? Why's that.....Huh?

Needless to say I have lost all the respect I had for him (Joe Paterno) and I did hold him in the very highest regard. He smiled and waved at my X one afternoon before a game at Purdue...He seemed so nice. Turns out he already knew all about this Sandusky stuff that day in West turns my stomach just thinking about it.

Look...before anyone clocks off and accuses me of going overboard here, I do understand how awful situations like these are. I know ALL about HIDING the truth...I hid my own Truths about rape for DECADES and paid a VERY high price for it. I've told people I trusted what happened to me that day and they basically said they did not believe me. 

One of the reasons I haven't ever told my parents about it is #1, I don't want them blaming themselves for what happened since I was only 12 years old...There was no way they could possibly know where I REALLY was that day, I was with the older brother of some friends, their parents were our neighbors whom they knew well and had no reason not to trust... And #2, a part of me is certain they won't believe it or they will pummel me with questions to disprove it when quite frankly all I can handle anymore is people just taking my word for it. Why the HELL would I lie about's not something to be proud of, believe SUCKS!!

So yes, I have a great deal of open anger about this whole thing and every   night they bring out something else about it on the news shows.  Makes me sick....

So JOE, you hearing me Coach? How'd this happen on your watch? In YOUR Locker Room of all places? Kids raped in the showers of the Penn State Football Locker Room....ACH, I can't imagine How.   

(Painting: Pablo Picasso)       

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