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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gibberish...Be GONE!

The regular reader of Shell Shock Serenade should be pleased to note that the author of this little "ditty", actually spent more then 3 total hours asleep last night! That is right, I finally got some decent, REAL sleep and I feel a bit better...alive and at least a little energized....I hope that means the sleep deprived, gibberish I have been trying to post here on the blog the last few days will disappear and something more coherent will indeed appear in it's place.

I apologize for the recent posts here on the blog because they just are not up to the standard that I typically expect on the SHOCK...indeed half of them don't make much, if any sense at all. But I would also like to take a moment and explain why I thought it was important to leave those post up on the blog instead of taking them down because they are border-line...ridiculous. 

As I have mentioned many times before...the original intent of this blog was to post bits and pieces of what it's like to be a person in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and to do that in REAL TIME. Over time the blog has grown & matured and I have also captured the experience of healing from rape/sexual assault as well. I believe that I have achieved those things here over the last couple of years. And though it is a bit embarrassing to have these latest goofy, sleepless posts out there that don't make a whole lot of sense for everyone to see...this is a part of my life right now, this IS reality as I know it. I am struggling to be able to sleep and that struggle is obviously affecting my ability to function properly and it is affecting my health as well.

So the posts will stay there on the board because I know that a great many other people in recovery and in life in general struggle with sleep and how to function when they have a great deal of other crap going on in their lives....

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  1. Wahoo! Three hours!!! Methinks congratulations are in order. I finally managed to pass that milestone a while back and am almost starting to sleep like a normal person... almost.