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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One HOT Mess (Post)

Evening is descending on us very quickly...soon it will be dark and we'll have marked another day on the planet...for me a day in what is now my 50th year here on earth. Well...sort of, it depends what you believe...and depends very much what I believe and for tonight, I'd rather not go into a deep, detailed and involved explanation... for those readers not already familiar with my background in reincarnation here is a post that may be helpful to you in understanding my thoughts and experiences related to the subject of "living once before". I've written half a dozen posts on the subject so if you are still interested, search reincarnation here on the blog and it will take you to the relevant links...

Needless to say, for those readers who are familiar with my struggles here to reconcile my earlier beliefs with what I feel and believe today know that this has been a chaotic and extremely complex journey to some sort of closure and again I don't feel any closer to that today then I ever have before. I guess I just keep plugging away and that's all I can do....

I sat down over a freaking hour ago with big plans for this side-tracked and now I have to get ready for Bible Reading Ministry at the Church. It's funny when you write have a thought and you think, that you can just pick up the line of thinking later but it rarely works that way. But I have no choice here since I have to get on with it so I'll try and pick up on this mess when I get back. In the mean time...I am going to post what I have so enjoy the MESS!

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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