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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yea, Well Now I'm Annoyed

I'm sure the post title gives away a bit of my emotion here but Achh, some folks could screw up a Wet Dream! 

I was scheduled for a procedure/biopsy at the hospital for Noon today and was to arrive at 10:30a. So imagine my shock when I get out of the bathroom after washing up and found a message on my phone saying I missed my 9a procedure. It turns out the Doc wanted it changed and dqrid it with the hospital but nobody thought to inform the patient!

It's a bummer because I would have loved to get it over with...I have been fasting since midnight last night and I'm really struggling. Well I thought they were going to re-schedule which would have really upset me but instead they said to just go buy my earlier appointment schedule so that is what we are doing, 

So Now that I'm all fired up and stressed out even more...I have to wait another couple of hours. We'll see you on the back side and let you know what happens. Until then....

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