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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Wee Bit 'O Distance...

Hey Shell SHOCKERS....I feel like a bit (OK a BIG BIT) of a slacker the last few days because I really have not posted much here nor have I even much felt like it. But at the same time I needed to put a little distance between blog posts... could say I needed a break or time to decompress...those are both accurate statements. I just benefited from not writing a whole lot.

I had a great trip to Holland, an awesome visit with K-Sue and was good for me and a great distraction...I had fun. I think more importantly is that I laughed a whole bun and generally just goofed around.

Now back home and trying to relax. I am still have difficulty sleeping but instead of agonizing about it I am going to let that whole thing run it's course and see what happens. Just relax and live out the day as it comes. Certainly that will be much easier to say then to do but I am gonna let er fly. Come join me in the experiment then we'll write about it later. Sound like a good time? Hmmm, well let's do it anyway, OK?!

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