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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I've been doing laundry for the last 3 hours and it's now just 5am or so. What a strange existence, eh? At 2am, Kim and I watched the better part of the really good RUSH Documentary: "Beyond The Lighted Stage". If you were ever a fan of that band or like "classic rock" or are just interested in a "Canadian Boys from Ontario make good" story. It really shows the nature of these 3 guys and there are 3 really talented musicians but also really neat fellows. It's also hilariously funny, sad, informative and interesting...

We got the tree up last night and got the lights on...Mom and K will decorate the rest of it this afternoon.

Today is one of my favorite sports days of the year. Why? Could it be because Indiana University play the Kentucky Wildcats in their annual basketball game? Uh...NO!


Army plays Navy in their traditional football rivalry and I truly believe it is the best rivalry in SPORTS...PERIOD! If you wonder why, pick up the book by John Feinstein called: "A Civil War: Army vs Navy". I think it's one of the few instances anymore in big time college sports where there are truly "student athletes" on the field and it is a game just filed with pom and circumstance because both the Naval Academy and West Point Cadet Corps attend the game really adding to the TRADITION of it all.

Man I am up way to early today and my mind has been grinding away already...working overtime! At 9a I read the Bible at a nursing home so my hope is I don't start nodding off!

Well's hoping each and every one of you have a great Saturday and we'll catch up with you later down the road....

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