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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brothers & Sisters Of The Big Blue Planet

I don't know what I am supposed to believe about myself or anything else these days. Am I "allowed" to have an opinion that differs from somebody elses? Say like what my spiritual beliefs are, for example.

I just read an article where a Jewish Rabbi is taking the American Football Player Tim Teebow to task for being TOO Christian. The Rabbi goes as far as saying that it isn't fair that Teebow's "WAY" to Heaven (the Christian belief that Jesus is our Savior and ultimately belief in HIM leads to Salvation) doesn't account for Jews who want to remain Jewish. HUH?! Your kidding right? The beliefs are DIFFERENT, the WAY to Salvation is different...Did I just read where a real life Rabbi wants another of our society's major Spiritual Groups to water down their beliefs so as to include the JEWISH beliefs as well?!

Whoa and YIKES, Dude...Are you out of your freaking mind asking human beings to change GODS own requirements for obedience to HIM?! I don't know about you but the GOD I believe in SPOKE, those words were written and I cannot change them nor can anyone else...only GOD Himself can. 

We live in a world where it seems that people want everything to be fair. I got some news for you Brothers and Sisters of the Big Blue Planet...It ain't gonna HAPPEN! And what's wrong with life being hard, eh? Who said it was supposed to be easy anyway? Show me that person because I'd like to know where they got their INFO....

People that think this way are dangerous...seriously, they are DANGEROUS. They are the same clowns who believe that America should be able to defend our freedom, our Country, our beliefs in this extremely volatile, vicious and dangerous world we now live in...without anyone getting HURT!! All this while nearly 4000 innocent people who were just trying to do their jobs at WORK were slaughtered on (9/11) right before the eyes of the ENTIRE PLANET on live TV.

How can anyone be so clueless? I do not understand...I just don't.

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