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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Timely Intervention....

I would not be telling truth if I said that I am not concerned about my health. That doesn't mean I have lost faith, I haven't but I am realistic and let's face facts...I have Barrett's Esophagus Disease and along with it some serious, pre-cancerous symptoms. And I have no idea what this all means right now but I have felt awful for the last month or so with fevers, terrible trouble swallowing and I have not slept for more then an hour in one day in over 3 weeks....I am exhausted, I'm physically hurting and I haven't a clue whats happening to me. So I figure that It's probably OK to feel a little fearful right now and frankly dear reader...I am definitely afraid.

So as I am sitting here writing this phone rings. It's Chaplain Brown for the Branch County Jail, he overseas the Forgotten Man Ministry program at the jail that I am involved in on Monday nights. 

Tomorrow night is the annual Christmas Service for the inmates at the Jail. It will be a combined service with men and woman together in the cafeteria though they are seriously segregated. There will be special music and a special message plus some reading from the scriptures about the story of the birth of Christ. He called to ask if I would read about the birth of Jesus in LUKE 2:1-20. 

You know what my friends out there in SHELL SHOCK Land?! That is exactly what I needed to hear tonight as I was sitting here feeling a bit fearful about my health and such. I love reading out load and I love the Christmas Story as told in the Gospel of LUKE. More often then my life these days that is how things tend to work out. If I am feeling low, something comes around that cheers me up and gets me going again. It was perfectly timed and I just love when it happens like this!


  1. I'm happy for you Daddy! God sees a need and fills it! We need to put our trust in him. I'm scared about all your health problems but we just have to get through them ODAAT, right Daddy? Love you, hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Hi sweetie, thanks for your comments. Sorry I didn't respond sooner I keep getting sidetracked with this not being able to sleep business. Talk to you son, love D...