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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sticks & Snacks, No Sleep & HOPE

We are launching into a weekend and for my family here on the will be a chance to spend some time with my son Ian and his girlfriend. I'm looking forward to it since I don't get to seem them very often. Let's just hope the health/sleep issues of late cut me a wee bit 'O slack so I can at least be a functional host.

I just got out of a nice, hot shower after spending a couple of hours in 30 degree F temps raking, blowing and picking up leaves/sticks....that shower felt good though I didn't think my tired, brittle bones would ever recover...but eventually, they did.

I will include health updates in my posts but I'll try to keep them short and informative. 

No sleep at all last night and the swallowing issue, with the constricted feeling in my throat is the cause and it is getting worse. I have a 9am appointment Monday with Doc Whitaker so we'll see what's up but this just isn't going to work as it is...something has to change! Today instead of trying to "rest", to lay down and relax...I tried an old tactic of just working through the exhaustion and it turned out alright, I slept for 25 minutes this afternoon. 

Well for now I am going to get a snack and perhaps shut my eyes. See you on the other side...( I HOPE!).

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