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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Little Rain....

Most folks who don't know me outside of the blog wouldn't have any clue that 

I am one of those folks on FaceBook who likes to put quotes up in his 

status. They can come from anywhere but lately there are a lot of 

bible verses because I am really fascinated with what God has had to 

say. I'll quote Churchill or any other famous figure and this morning 

it was a quote by Longfellow and I like it so much that guess what?

That's right kiddies...I'm gonna share it here:

"Thy fate is the most common fate of all. Into each life a little rain 

must fall."

And it's true, at least over the course of half a century of living 

now I have found it so. I am not a guy who expects everything in 

life to go easy, on the contrary I understand it takes pain 

and hardship sometimes to put our lives in true perspective.

Anyway i' thought I'd share a "little rain" with all of you this


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