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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Really KUHL Time In Holland

What a wonderful start to my visit here in Holland. Spent time at JP's drinking coffee and eating awesome Cherry scones...went to the Out Post (Best Store EVER!) and got my own Christmas gift. I then followed that with a two hour nap, K-Sue/I went to Skiles Pizza (pictured above and below), an hour in the in-door/out-door hot tub and then had an KILLER vanilla milk shake from CULVER'S...I feel totally gluttonous like King Henry VIII though thankfully like 300 pounds lighter, lol! Plus woman are definitely safer around me then they were around that dude...

There is always kind of a festive feel to this town that is heighten by the Holiday Season and I honestly believe that Holland has one of the most beautiful downtown's I have ever seen anyway. The other town I've always loved visiting during the Holiday's...Thanksgiving time to be Gettysburg PA, which is gorgeous too. Holland stacks up very favorably to Gettysburg and from a purely shopping/restaurant point of view....I'd give it the edge but for me the History of THAT place will always win out. Still...both are cool places...and great places to visit during the holidays. (Check out the Gettysburg Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting the Friday after's like being transported back in time a 150 years!)

I want to put my personal plug in for clothing from a company named KUHL (pronounced, you guessed it: COOL)...along with North Face...they are definately my favorite clothing store supplier right now along with the other old favorite, J.Crew. I just love their stuff, very high quality and perfect for winter climates though they have great  shorts and stuff for summer as well. The Outpost Outdoor Store of Holland carries KUHL, North Face and others great brands and has everything you'll ever need for casual and outdoor wear...even HARDCRE outdoor clothing.

I do have a bitch tonight though...Pilot Gas Stations in their infinite wisdom chose to with-hold $151 on a $24.99 pay at the pump gas charge when I got gas there this morning. I freaked outwhen I saw the satement online and called my card company thinking perhaps there was an error since both charges were listed under the same invoice #. The card company guy assured me nothing was wrong (relief) but confirmed it was a with-holding by PILOT.

It was still bugging me after I got off the phone with my CC Company Rep. so I called the actual Pilot store in Battle Creek and asked for a Manager and to his credit, this manager was very good. s soon as I started telling my story he knew what I was talking about. Pilots bank has implemented this and it will drop off when the charge posts. My credit is not the greatest (thanks to addiction/alcoholism related debt and subsequent bankruptcy) so my credit line is not large and this ties up a significant amount of $$, especially when I happen to be traveling and Christmas Shopping to boot....ACH, it figures but I'll manage. I told him I really appreciated his help and I do but I would no longer use Pilot gas Stations because I think this is an excessive with-holding  and honestly it's ABUSIVE for a $25 charge...So if anyone from PILOT reads this, you just lost a sorry to be you.

From the Manager's response...he had gotten this question many, many times before and it sounded like he was sympathetic and was not in favor of them doing this but he has no clout, of course.

Other then and my trip is going well though my health is still poor. But I'm enjoying Kim's company and just spending time running around.. I tried to arrange some time to visit my son but it looks like he is just too busy which is a bummer but I certainly understand.

Well I'm gonna run and get  some coffee so enjoy your evening folks...I'll sure try.


  1. Ahh, Skiles. Good times. Is Pietro's still there? Say hi to it for me when you go by.

  2. Pietro's is long gone...probably 5-6 years ago it closed down. I don't know if you can tell from the pic but Skiles went through a major renovation, i is non smoking now like all Holland plus they have SUNDAY Alcohol Sales in Holland...that passed probably 3 years ago...yea I quit drinking in 2005 and in 2008 they have Sun sales...go figure.

    Hope has a new sports complex and a huge arena for the men's/woman's Basketball Programs are both Div III powerhouses. there have been a lot of changes to Holland and since you were here last...

  3. That's so sad. The Wife and I had our first "let's go out to eat somewhere" date at Pietro's. Nice to know Hope is doing something with the few bucks I send them every year.