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Saturday, December 31, 2011


I have 15 minutes until I fly (leave for town)'s Saturday morning and I head over to M-Ville to read the Bible to some Senior Citizen Residents at a Care Facility (Nursing Home). This is one of my favorite things I do all week and it is also something that is starting to be affected negatively by my health and frankly...that is pissing me off!

Oh well, what can one do but persevere and that is fully what I intend to do. I had a SKYPE call from my son a few minutes ago and he was calling from his freaking cool is that, eh?!  I have the App and the capability on my PDA so I need to get that up and running as well.

OK...time to fly. I'll have plenty of time today to post...I have NO plans for tonight (New Years Eve) so once I get back from visiting a shut-in from church after my M-Ville time then I have NOTHING happening at we'll see you then!

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