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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The EC...It's a Bad MOTHER...(Shut Your Mouth)

I think I'll just go ahead and post what we found out today after undergoing the stomach scope to check how everything looks post-surgery in May, do a biopsy on the Barretts Esophagus and just photograph and do a status report on the disease. 

The biopsy results will take awhile so we'll have to wait a bit but he was not happy at all with what he found. The Barretts has really spread and the affected areas are much worse then they were. It is bad enough right now that if the biopsies come back NEGATIVE on Cancer he wants me to have another stomach surgery where they use lasers to strip the damaged areas clean of the diseased material. It is a rather difficult and uncommon surgery but he is really concerned that is I don't have cancer already, that it may just be a matter of time....

If I do have Cancer, well it's Chemo/Radiation and the whole 9 yards... Esophageal Cancer (EC) is BAD, Bad Stuff, really bad and I am not going to waste any time or energy describing or talking about it right now. If it happens then I'll deal with it.

I'll be honest here...I have not had a good feeling about this, I just haven't. I'm not being negative or throwing in the towel, yet I feel it's likely that I have cancer based on the way I feel. And it is hard to even begin to describe how poorly I actually do other then there are times that I feel like I am dying on the inside.
Esophageal Cancer
It is a matter of faith now, I trust that whatever happens I won't be alone and we will just have to do whatever it takes to combat the disease if that is the diagnosis. Even if the initial result isn't is still obvious that the Doc is concerned because he has already insisted that I see a specialist and have this other surgery right away. As long as I have known him, Doc plays it conservative so his insistence on this other surgery right away did catch me a bit by surprise....

So that is the post procedure skinny on my procedure today. I will update as soon as I know whats up. Yes, this is upsetting and I am afraid of what the future might hold but I trust GOD and we'll just keep pushing on. So we'll see you back here next time.....


  1. I'll keep praying for you and sending you positive vibes, Thom!

  2. Rhondi...Thank you, it's always good to hear from you and especially now when I am dealing with WAAY more sh*t then I'd rather be. I miss you and Jim something fierce...perhaps I can get up and over to see you sometime soon. Love 'ya...T