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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day 2011...

The funny thing is I remember what I felt like 10 years ago...the Christmas right after 9/11. Man they were still digging on the big pile of rubble at Ground Zero on Christmas Day. Things felt so uncertain, so FRAGILE in a world that seemingly had gone MAD.

And I don't think anything has really changed except that we as a people of this country just accept it now as the NORM and go on with our busy, distracted lives. As a result, we often miss the true meaning of life and in the process we let society's expectations and pressures plus TV ads suggest to us that in fact possessions and GREED are indeed the most important things in terribly SAD and so misguided.

So as I sit here at the very early hour Christmas morning I choose to think of that baby that was born, MY Savior, Christ The LORD!    

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