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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Running Amok On 40 Minutes Sleep

Aren't they lovely? Jealous? Oh I bet you are...not everyone is blessed with pretty little paddy's like mine you know!! Don't you wish you had the same unique but special peddi like mine, Hmm?! It's a brand-new fad straight from the east coast and die hard lovers of groomed feet everywhere are waiting in day long lines to get this new style of pedicure called: The Hachoir a' viande Technique ( Meat-Grinder Technique)! I know I probably shouldn't do stuff like this but since I am the ALL-POWERFUL BLOG-MEISTER EXTRAORDINAIRE, I feel like even I am entitled to run amok once in awhile...even in French.

I feel like I have Frankenstein Feet, all swollen and stitched together, torn and battered....and actually, even though you can't detect it on camera, the rest of my body is bloated and swollen up as well. I feel exceedingly odd and don't realize how bad it is until I walk by a mirror. Holy cow...I look like a freaking cartoon character. 

Anyway I thought I'd have a little fun and post these awful pics of my beat up feet. For you who are new, I am an amputee I slept for 40 minutes this afternoon and I'm all energized so I had to do something with all this excess energy! 

The downside to all this fun and game time shenanigans is that I am running a fever, I continued to be so weakened by lack of sleep, fever and possible infection that perhaps I am actually in some kind of trouble..hence the early morning appointment with my Doc in the A.M. Hopefully it's nothing too serious but we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow. Good Night!

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