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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Until Then..I'll Just Fly!

I have lived long enough to have learned that all truly good things come mostly from within. Other people cannot make me happy (or sad!) for that matter...that comes from inside. Other people only have as much control or power over me as I LET THEM HAVE. If my expectations are that I want someone to like me...and they don't...well naturally I am going to feel let down...hurt. That's human nature but honestly it would be my own fault because of my expectations.

The last few days I have spent some time thinking about certain relationships in my life that haven't gone the way I would have liked them to. I've posted about it as well and it's hard when people don't think very highly of you or they don't treat you very kindly and you really wish they would. I really allowed myself to feel hurt about it this weekend because I really wanted to be wasn't meant to be.It's a lesson learned and frankly, my reaction still shows I have changed from the kind of guy I used to be...

How is that, you may ask? In the past I never would have even taken the time or risk by reaching out to somebody else, wanting to establish a better relationship. And it just wasn't meant to be so I just have to let it go and I have...My natural tendency is to feel hurt because I feel rejected and typically when that happens, I get angry and lash back at hat person. Not today...I just can't afford the anger or the negative energy.

This week is Christmas week...usually a week that I hate...with more family visiting and staying at the house over Christmas...again, that used to be something I didn't care for that much. Today, though it can be a hassle having a house full of people I will just do my best to embrace it just embraced it for what it is and move on with it. 

K-Sue will be here so that's cool and a first time at Christmas so I am stoked about that plus there are some positive things going on around here so I just remain focused and trust that God has the plan. So far it seems like it's meant to be so we will ride it out.

And that is the way I have to look at life...this is what I have, so I got to play the hand I was dealt. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I hope I find out what in the worlds going on. Until then...I've got to take flight, keep my eyes and heart focused directly on the Creator and FOLLOW HIM.

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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